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Beauty Calendar 2015! Professional Beauty Events for Beautiful Women.

I was contacted by HW Johnson asking if she could guest blog and having so little time to update my blog as much as I should I said 'Yes'!

A fellow makeup artist from the UK,  living in Italy with her 2 children, her hobby is writing about any beauty related topic and sharing it, I hope you like it and find it interesting.

Sandra x

Credit: svetography

I have always been passionate about the beauty industry. I used to love going to all the year’s best professional makeup events. I would travel quite often in pursuit of this passion! But then I bought a house, got married, got a full-time job, and had two wonderful children. Let’s just say finding time for myself is hard sometimes! If I stay around town, I always end up spending time with the kids, even if I wanted to dedicate  whole day to myself. So what do I do? Drop the kids at their grandparents and travel! And of course, I haven’t lost that passion for beauty.

My favourite beauty events are In-Cosmetics (Barcelona, Spain), Cosmoprof (Bologna, Italy), Professional Beauty (London, UK), and Hair and Beauty (Frankfurt, Germany). If you don’t know these cities, don’t worry! They are super easy to navigate, the people are wonderfully hospitable, and best of all you can book all your accommodations online beforehand. I usually do that! So take some personal time and immerse yourself in the world of beauty!

Professional Beauty 2016, London, UK

The next Professional Beauty London trade show will be held from February 28th to 29th in London, 2016. In 2015 over 34,000 flocked to London explore and learn from 450 exhibitors. You are sure to find all the latest innovations in makeup at this event.  The other great aspect of this fair is that you get to meet the people behind the products and discuss the uses and benefits face to face. There are also tons of incentives and discounts that you won’t find anywhere else. And we can’t forget the six live stage programs and five seminars that will inspire you and give you tips on improving your techniques, skills, and business. If you are in currently planning to visit Professional Beauty, you can easily get the by train. Check train times online at websites such as"> At this way, you can easily organize your visit to Professional Beauty.

In-Cosmetics 2015, Barcelona, Spain

This is the top business event for personal care products worldwide. This year the In-Cosmetics 2015 fair runs from April 14th to 16th and is held at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via. The exhibition, trade show and fair will exhibit the latest innovations in cosmetics, personal care, and beauty. Usually there are more than 8,000 guests in attendance! This fantastic event brings together the world’s top suppliers, marketers, research and developers and formulators in one of the most vivacious cities on the planet.

Cosmoprof 2015, Bologna, Italy

Now in its 49th year, the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna trade show is THE leading event worldwide for the professional beauty industry. It is a very important platform from which new products in the cosmetics and wellness industries are launched. In 2014, more than 90,000 square meters were occupied by the fair. The exhibition space was dedicated to all areas of the industry, from perfumes to natural health, beauty salon to nails, contract manufacturing and packaging to spa, there is something for everyone. Take a trip to Bologna, which is also the gastronomical capital of Italy, for what is sure to be another revolutionary beauty event.

Hair and Beauty 2015, Frankfurt, Germany

Last but not least, this fair takes place from August 29th to 30th. The Hair and Beauty 2015 Frankfurt is designed to create a platform for updates in trends and styles in the world of beauty. You will learn about the hottest new techniques in hairdressing, as well as how to stand out from the crowd. It is without a doubt the best place to present new products, ideas, and technologies with other people who are just as passionate as you about cosmetics and hair.

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Credit: edwardrule

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Joanne MacFadyen Jewellery Designer

I seem to be a favourite choice for Scottish Jewellery designers showcasing their work and Jo's 'Eden Collection for her 'Look Book' was filmed last month in St Andrews. Armed with a bucket of glitter, a beautiful model who I've been helping build up her portfolio we headed to location on a hot Summer Day. Kate Pickering from  Vanilla Ink also joined us and took some behind the scenes shots. Gillian Gamble photographed and Dylan Drummond filmed. I created 2 hair looks and kept the same makeup look for the day. Although some of the team were reticent about my suggestion of our model entering the stream for artistic purposes we were glad as the finished results were great.

Hair & Makeup:Sandra Cormack/Still image from film by Dylan Drummond

Hair & Makeup: Sandra Cormack/Photogrpaher:Gillian Gamble

Jane Gowans Jewellery Collection S/S & A/W 13

A year ago I created the hair and makeup for Jane Gowan's 'Captain's collection 2013 ' filmed and styled in one day on Broughty Ferry Beach in Dundee, Scotland.
For the S/S collection I used a vibrant blue MAC  eyeshadow to complement the outfits, with hair styled in a messy, plaited updo.
For A/W I used russet, earthy tones that matched the model's copper hair that I swept in a textured beehive.
Jane's collection can be purchased from stockists including Harvey Nichols as well as her own online shop.
 Good luck to Jane who is also up for a 'Scottish fashion Award' and
named as 'Professional Jewellers Hot 100'.

Hair & Makeup:Sandra Cormack/Photographer' :What Kirsten Saw/' styled by Kirsty Headden.

Photographer' :What Kirsten Saw' and styled by Kirsty Headden.

Edinburgh Transgender workshop & Film

The following morning after arriving home from Malta I delivered a workshop to a transgender group in Edinburgh. There were a number of themes and topics delivered by a wide range of professionals, mine being effective male to female transformation to help enable individuals to feel comfortable applying make up effectively. Before a live demo with one of the group where I shared my recommended products and tips, attendees were able to view a short edit of a film that I produced with Helene Barclay. She is a cross-dresser with amazing camera skills and expertise and in the film myself and my model answer questions and discuss the topic of male to female transformation. The full short film will be available before the end of the year as a download and has  received favourable feedback.
In May I was booked to provide hair and makeup for the band and actors - a sunny beach in Lossiemouth in Scotland was the perfect location to film. Great cast and crew from Sony and the production company and lots of laughs. I always like to combine work with pleasure and fitted in a visit to my friend Anna  in Aviemore before leaving early in the morThening to drive to the location.
The highlight of the day was watching Ross Laird do about 5 simultaneous somersaults through the air without the need for a start bounce on a trampoline-amazing!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Take 1 Girl…

Take 1 Girl…

Photographer:Oliver Schneider

I was introduced to Jenny Overend when I was in need of a model for a magazine photoshoot and  agreed it would be mutually beneficial to work together again. Jenny had only did a few shoots before so was relatively a novice, however the camera loved her and she took direction very well.  As a consequence, I gave myself a project: I arranged for 3  photoshoots on 3 consecutive days all with a different hair/makeup clothes, location and photographer. As Jenny is under 16 , her lovely mother Annie was attendant at each session. I'm not sure why I didn't arrange hair and makeup assistants for either shoot-probably because I wanted to really push myself I suppose...

As well as creating the hair and makeup for the shoots I also styled them with my own outfits and accessories as I hang onto clothes from way back (excluding look 1). There wasn’t a great deal of time to plan my looks but I was very pleased with how they evolved and ultimately turned out and I think that all 3 photographers did a great job and I couldn't possibly choose a favourite:they are all unique in their own way.

Photographer:Oliver Schneider

Shoot 1 took place at Contrast Studios  in Glasgow with fantastic photographer  Oliver Schneider. I wanted to create a natural beauty look with minimal makeup with hair left flowing with plaiting round front of head on some and pulled back into a ponytail in others.I used MAC Mineralized liquid foundation and Strobe cream and other illuminating products to enhance Jenny's great skin.

Lighting was  mainly natural light  and in some shots artificial lighting . The shoot was pulled off beautifully by Oliver who I have had the pleasure of working with for the past few years now (our collaborative work has been published on a couple of occasions). Oliver is primarily a fashion and wedding photographer and very creative.Jenny brought her own outfits apart from one that I brought along.

Photographer:Ronny Cathro

I asked photographer Ronny Cathro to shoot Look 2 which originally was to be an outdoors shoot but due to bad weather was  hastily done indoors at the Queens Hotel, Dundee. Ronny has years of experience as a journalistic photographer with DC Thomsons and has also photographed many celebrities and is a great wedding and family portraiture photographer.

I have had a  love for Biba and photographer Sarah Moon since a small girl and was given a Biba poster from a relative: the poster is long gone but I was able to find the exact same one to replace it on ebay.

In the gallery on this site is the first  homage to Biba I did and I had been wanting to create another for a while but just didn't have the time. The look is not a true copy of the Biba looks but my interpretation as I would have found it pretty boring to replicate exactly.

I created a look for Jenny using Kryolan and MAC cosmetics and curled her straight hair so it was almost frizzy. The hair was finished by using a scarf that matched one of the colours used in her eye makeup. I ‘erased’ her eyebrows with Glue and  makeup and created new thin brows. The dress had wing-like sleeves and with the addition of a pair of my vintage black suede platform clogs Jenny was my walking Biba creation.

The lighting was atmospheric and complemented my makeup well. I particularly love the shot taken of Jenny reflected in my makeup mirror as she looks almost Pierrot-like.

Photographer:Ronny Cathro

For the final session I wanted to create 2 Lana del Ray style looks in one session. I was initially just going to do the one with the backcombed hair but as  I don’t like to make life easy on myself I decided to throw in  another look with a floral hairpiece that she has been frequently photographed with. Small problem – I had no available head piece so I pulled apart the rose and spider bracelet I created for a Sugar Skull shoot I had done last year with Oliver and model SulaPowell. I attached the roses to a frame and pinned to the hair in about 10 mins before photographer Julie Christie arrived. Julie is primarily a wonderful family portraiture and boudoir photographer but I actually met her at a wedding- click here to view Julie’s work.

Add caption
The session took place in my home and, making an appearance, my oft-used Chesterfield couch.
Photographer:Julie Christie

I lied when I said there was 3 looks there is actually 2 others to come- one for ‘Invite’ magazine S/S 13 that is published in May (I am the hair/makeup artist and feature writer since the first edition) and one look to happen soon that will be a nod to the looks of  the forthcoming  ‘ Great Gatsby’ film.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them and as for Jenny I predict great things in the future…

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Alfa Romeo Young Designer Award 2013

This year I have once again been asked to provide makeup for this annual award that showcases young, talented  UK designers. Last year we did 2 shoots,and I provided both hair and makeup one on the beach at St Andrews and the other in a scrapyard-very different but equally great. What is even better this year is that I will be doing makeup only for the 5 female models.  2 aspiring makeup artists will be given the opportunity to assist me on what will be a great shoot. The models will be photograohed outdoors reclining in and on some Alfa Romeo cars.
Last year's winning design by Janine Clark/Photographer:Kayhan 
As well as  being one of the sponsors of  the event I will also be writing about the shoot for a feature in Invite magazine's S/S  2013 edition and will also include the final images.
Congratulations to finalists:Alexandra Heath,Courtney Blades,  duo George Jenkins & Luke Archer, Katya Encheva and Matthew O'Brien. I've seen their outfits and they're stunning!
Click on the link and you can discover more about this fantastic award  and the St Andrews student committee who run it in conjunction with Alfa Romeo will see the hair and makeup I created last year. Or here for last year's behind the scenes video.
Lady M's blog covers last year's shoot and event too!